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TIL In 1980 a dingo ate an Australian couple’s baby while camping, causing the mother to sentenced to life in prison for murder. Three years later, the babies clothes were found near a dingo lair. : todayilearned

Similarly, a woman in the US (I wanna say Texas, but not 100% sure) (edit: Illinois, actually thank you for the correction) was startled awake in the middle of the night by an intruder. She tussled with him, and he ran off. Unfortunately, he had already killed her son.

When the police came to investigate, they came to the conclusion that the woman killed her own son during a domestic dispute and lied about the intruder, and they arrested her. Can’t remember if she was convicted but I believe she was. Her ex-husband is one of the cops on the local force, and he heavily helped influence this narrative. They simply couldn’t believe that a random break in, nothing stolen, would result in this death. Especially since they were in a custody battle at the time, they thought the “if I can’t have my son, nobody can” mentality made the most sense…

A few years later, a serial killer named Tommy Lynn Sells confessed to the murder. She was innocent the whole time. This dude was just a crazed drifter that carried out random attacks and murders all over the place, different states, no motive, just random murder sprees.

It’s so fucked.

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