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Jimmy Kimmel Plays The ‘Second Most Damaging Tape’ Of Rudy Giuliani This Year

Audio recorded in July 2019 that CNN released this week showed Giuliani repeatedly suggesting to a Ukrainian official that Ukraine could have a better relationship with the United States if the country’s president opened an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Giuliani, who was serving as former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney at the time, reportedly made the call just days before Trump’s infamous phone call with the Ukrainian leader, which became central to his first impeachment. In that call, Trump seemed to imply that U.S. military aid to Ukraine was at stake if the country did not do him the favor of investigating his rival.

“Donald Trump’s former lawyer could use a lawyer right now after CNN released what could turn out to be the second most damaging tape of Rudy Giuliani this year,” Kimmel said Tuesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “You remember Trump’s ‘perfect call’ with the Ukrainian president? The one he got impeached for? Well, a few weeks before that call, in July of 2019, Rudy dialed up a senior Ukrainian official to put the squeeze on, and now audio from that call has leaked ― most likely from Rudy’s head.”

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