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Leading biologist dampens his ‘smoking gun’ Covid lab leak theory

Hijacking because basically nobody in this comment section or the author of the article is reading this correctly at all.

David Baltimore never said it was confirmed that it was designed in a lab, just that it could have been with some evidence to support that idea and that we didn’t know for sure, so universally accepting the natural origin in a wet market theory was wrong. He now basically doubled down on the “we don’t know for sure” part of that statement and the media has now fucked up reporting on it twice, taking both extremes but never accurately representing what the scientific community is saying. To further expound on this, the article aims to dismiss the credibility of the lab leak theory entirely when Baltimore’s dampening of his claim really only can be applied to the theory that SARS-CoV-2 was not natural. The idea that the virus was natural but being studied in the lab and then leaked is still unaffected by these statements, which is what most people who believe the lab leak theory believe anyway.

If it did indeed leak from a lab, we’ll probably never know for certain because the international community didn’t get to investigate before China had time to hide any evidence and as far as the public knows the international community still hasn’t had satisfactory access to relevant information as of today.

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