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With Ford’s announcement of a $20,000 hybrid pick-up truck that may get up to 40 miles per gallon, it is obvious automakers could have done a lot more to reduce emissions. : Futurology

This is true, but Vice doesn’t grasp that Li-ion cost a lot more back then.

Most consumers would have embraced a C-Max if it hadn’t cost as much as it did. Same with the Chevy Volt. You do eventually save money with those cars, but it was extremely far in the future. People start to sell cars in ten years, and that was the PHEV break-even.

Also battery failures like the Leaf discouraged people cautiously waiting.

I’m more disappointed in GM on this. They are making a huge gamble people will leap into EVs, and abandoned Voltec except for a few cars in China, and maybe a range-topping Corvette (no, not the E-Ray – it looks like that will now be a traditional hybrid… the Zora may still PHEV to get 1,000+ horsepower).

Stellantis and Ford are more aggressively revisiting PHEVs. My Chrysler 200S was planned to be a PHEV (there are literally slots in the frame for the batteries), and the Pacifica minivan is very much an excellent PHEV (as well as the new Jeep PHEVs just launched).

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