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Outburst against CJP: SC turns down PPP leader’s apology, decides to frame charges

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court turned down the apology of Masood-ur-Rehman Abbasi, general secretary of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) PS-114 Karachi for uttering indecent and disrespectful remarks against Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed in a video clip.

A four-member bench headed by Justice Umar Ata Bandial and comprising Justice Ijazul Ahsan, Justice Munib Akhtar, and Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi, on Friday heard the contempt case against the PPP leader.

The bench decided to frame charges against Masood in the next hearing, a date for which would be fixed later.

The Attorney General for Pakistan has been appointed as the prosecutor in the present case.

During the proceeding, Masood sought pardon saying he was not in his ‘senses’ when he made the remarks.

Justice Ijaz said you should have thought about it at the time when you made the speech.

The judge reminded the PPP leader that you said when the court would summon him then I will ‘show the court its status.’ Now you are before the Court and ‘show us our status.’

Justice Bandial asked who was present at the place where the speech was made? Masood replied it was a wedding hall and all the district office-bearers of the party (PPP) were present there.

Justice Bandial then told the PPP leader that in your speech, you said the Chief Justice of Pakistan is the sector in-charge of a political party. He inquired who told you to say all these things.

Masood replied no one had asked him to say those things, which he uttered in the speech. However, acknowledging his fault, he requested the bench to pardon him.

He said he has two wives and seven children, and he is the sole bread earner.

Justice Ijaz told him that he should have thought about all these things before making the speech.

Masood said he respects all courts and that he was troubled due to his mother’s death and some domestic squabbles. The judges are like fathers. He again requested the bench to pardon him.

However, Justice Ijaz said, if we forgive him, everyone after making contemptuous speech will seek the court’s pardon.

Masood begged the Court to forgive him and said that he is ready to submit an apology in the manner, which the court deems appropriate.

Justice Bandial told him that you are a respectable citizen; therefore, maintain your dignity, adding the court would decide the case in accordance with the law.

The FIA official informed that they are interrogating Masood and would not show leniency. He said they would proceed against him according to the law.

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