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Memes Supporting Faysal Qureshi Go Viral On Social Media

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Faysal Qureshi is one of the most dedicated, noteworthy and stupendous Pakistani actors who is reigning on the television screens since 1985 when he was a little child. The performances he has given one after another in these years can never be unappreciated or disregarded.

Lately, a video clip of Faysal Qureshi is making rounds on social media. During the live show on BOL Entertainment TV host Faysal Qureshi got angry at TikToker Muskan and called her illiterate. The show was celebrating a TikToker’s birthday, when Muskan slapped the birthday boy. Faisal Qureshi got angry when he slapped in the live show and said what happened? The show is going on air. There is no such thing as distinction. Mentioning the staff, he said, “Where do you get illiterate people from?”

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Faysal has sent Twitter into a frenzy with his dressing-down to the TikTokers. Many people are amused by the clip, making memes out of it and sharing them widely on social media. Check it out!

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