KGH Blood Bank opens

KARACHI: Kharadar General Hospital (KGH) Blood Bank was inaugurated on July 3rd, by Moin M Fudda, a prominent figure in the business community and chairman of the Central Depository Company (CDC). Fudda said service to humanity is a mean of worship and pleasing to creator.

Providing quality health care to them plays a vital role in improving their lives. KGH’s over 100 years of advanced medical, educational and research services are a valuable asset to Karachi and the country, he said praising untiring efforts of Mohammad Bashir Janmohammad and Prof A Ghaffar Billoo for their services to Kharadar General Hospital.

President of the hospital and well known industrialist Mohammad Bashir Janmohammad on this occasion said every life is important and precious and we have to play our best role to save it and the doctors, teachers and staff of KGH have a duty to save lives with their best professional services. He said Kharadar General Hospital will provide quality of services to patients.

Speaking on the occasion, KGH professor and chairman, community health specialist Dr Abdul Ghafar Billoo said the maternal mortality rate today is alarming. The establishment of a Blood Bank will play an important role in saving lives. He said KGH Blood Bank would make lives safer by providing high quality services in collaboration with Indus Hospital and Metro Blood Bank.

Dr Saba Jamal, Director, Indus Hospital Blood Services said we need to inculcate a culture of community blood donation so that healthy and high quality blood is always available to save lives. Instead of donating blood in an emergency, donate civilian blood under normal circumstances so that any emergency can be countered well.

On this occasion, Dr Saba Jamal, Director Indus Hospital, Dr Uzma and Dr Ashraf were given honorary shields. President of the hospital Mohammad Bashir Janmohammad announced the commemorative gold medals in the name of Late Janmohammad Abdul Latif Nini and Late Mohammad Ashraf Kothari after their lives for their outstanding services to the hospital for the best performance of students of Kharadar General Hospital Nursing School.-PR

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