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A woman talks about what it is like to work for Dollar Tree. This is what some people deal with- for just a measly $8.00 an hour. And these employers wonder why they can’t find employees. : videos

yeah, but it’s totally stupid and it sort of flys in the face of what they are doing. this person quit because they wouldn’t let her keep a bottle of water under her counter and let her take a 1 pee break per shift.

the water bottle thing is a nothing issue. you just tell them the cap needs to be on the bottle when its not in hand and to maybe don’t drink if there is a customer at the counter. that’s not a big give to keep someone happy. it literally costs nothing.

then the toilet thing, you give them one 5min toilet break. you literally lose 5mins of work and maybe as a result that person instead of quitting in 2 days quits after 6 months or a year.

if they stay for a year that’s 250 shifts if they work 5 days a week. at 5mins a break that’s about 20h of paid time on the toilet. 20×8.8=$176. ok now factor in the time and money it cost to not only go thru the hiring process, but also the training someone to a 1 year level $176 is a drop in the ocean.

this is just bad business strategy. the goal of a good slave business is to give them just enough that they are content with it the conditions, you want people to desire more, but not enough that they actually will put in the energy to search it out. they fucked up cause now not only did this chick quit now this post is going to blow up and it’s gonna do way more then $176 damage

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