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Well, people call it the poor man’s sampler. It is the cheapest sampler
in the world. Followed by the SK-5, the second cheapest in the world.
It’s a polyphonic synthesizer (just four voices) with very cheap sounds
and it can store one sample in its memory. The sampling is 8-bit PCM,
9.38kHz, giving about 1.4 seconds. It’s so gritty… Samples can only be
recorded through the awful mini-mic built-in to the upper-right corner
or a 3.5mm line-input plug on the backside
of the synth. Alas, its memory clears when turned off.

Obviously it’s designed as a cheap toy for consumers. This is the sort
of sampler-toy you end up belching into with your friends and play
burp-songs for a laugh! There are 11 built-in accompaniment-style drum
patterns (disco, rock, samba, etc.) which are all embarrassingly fun and
totally unusable. The keyboard uses mini plastic keys. It lacks MIDI,
lacks effects, edit-ability, memory, and filtering. However there are 13
envelope shapes that can affect your sample or synth sounds somewhat.
There is also portamento, vibrato, and chord accompaniment with the
chord selector system.

Rare pink model

If you gotta make some lo-fi cheese samples then you might want to
try the SK-1, after all it is very cheap! Of course, as cheap as they
come and with the built-in sampling, the SK-1 is a great candidate for
circuit-bending! It is used by Fatboy Slim, Beck, Autechre,
Portishead, Bloodhound Gang, Nine Inch Nails, Incubus and Blur

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