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Millennials Age 40 With No Home, More Debt Run Out of Time to Build Wealth

My dad at 28 made 90K a year and although it wasn’t vacation time through work, he could and would take 1-2 months off (take a layoff).

I’m at 28, I make hopefully 64K a year. But I don’t have a full time job. I have (hopefully) two provisional jobs that last 5 months and a week.

I have a useless music degree, which I’ll take some blame for but also bot my parents told me follow my dreams. Both had no clue about post sec, no post sec experience themselves, and no hesitation to have me take out max student loans and then an independent loan for school after the fact.

I am a renter.

I own a car, it has a little value.

Let’s hope I can get a grip soon.

Luckily my gf is better off. Hopefully she can be a primary bread earner.

Mean while the world’s burning, I still want kids. We can’t afford to have a primary care giver at home all the time.

And a hard right gov is running my home province of alberta hacking away at our education, environmental protection, and heathcare systems (amongst many other things). This is a more affordable province and, but to plan for a brighter future the most realistic thing is to move to BC… and that’s not cheap.

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