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the audacity of some people : ChoosingBeggars

An award revocation window of time, or the ability to “self report” an award that was regretted later (especially due to jackasses like the one featured here), would be a fantastic way to get back at these petty bastards with some pettiness of your own. Guy gets arrogant because you didn’t give him Ternion All-Powerful? Click that little “revoke award” button, type “user was an asshole in DMs” into the reason field, and watch as it disappears. Would also be great for those select few 10/10 assholes who go and edit their entire multiple-awarded comment into some nazi rhetoric, or similar shit, or when you gild a comment/post you liked only to watch as the same user goes off on a hateful tangent in other comments about women/blacks/the LGBT.

Even if I didn’t get my coins refunded, it would be worth it just to spite the jerks.

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