Ban on indoor dining notified for Karachi, Hyderabad


KARACHI: Sindh government on Monday issued an amended notification, imposing a ban on indoor dining in Karachi and Hyderabad, the most populated urban centres of the province, amidst fear of Covid-19 spread.

According to the amended notification issued by the provincial Home department, the ban on indoor dining will remain in place for Hyderabad and Karachi while outdoor dining would be allowed until 10pm.

The other districts of the province are however allowed to operate indoor and outdoor dine-in with 50 percent attendance.

Sunday it was reported that the Sindh government updated its Covid guidelines keeping some restrictions in effect as they were while allowing some relaxations including 50 percent indoor dining for those fully vaccinated people.

The essential items will be available across the province 24/7 and the same goes for the pharmacies and vaccination centres.

All the trade activities and markets will be operational in Karachi and Hyderabad until 8 pm, the new guidelines said. For Karachi, the two days of mandatory trade holidays are Friday and Sunday. For Hyderabad, it’s Friday and Saturday.

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