Govt should explain why NATO people staying in Pakistan: JI

LAHORE: Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has reiterated that the government should inform the masses that why the foreigners fleeing from Afghanistan are being provided accommodations in Islamabad and other main cities of the country.

“The rulers should explain their position on stay of people belonging to NATO in Pakistan at a time when the neighbouring countries have refused to do so,” he said while talking to party workers here on Monday.

He said the government and mainstream opposition parties were fighting against each other only to protect their self-interests and they were hardly interested in public cause. The rulers, he added, were also least interested in strengthening democratic institutions.

“The JI has long been asking the political parties to sit together for electoral reforms and also shared with them a complete draft on reforms but it seems they do not want free and fair elections.

“It is in their [ruling elite] best interest to keep the status quo intact. They have been ruling Pakistan for decades and the current system suits them.”

Sirajul Haq criticized the PTI for doing nothing for institutions building in three years.

He said the Prime Minister made tall claims about the government performance but the ground realities were completely different from what he was claiming.

There was need to bring real change and enforce the system for which the country was created.

He said the Muslims of this region made countless sacrifices for Pakistan but the feudal lords and capitalists hijacked the system after few years of country’s creation.

People of Pakistan should reject the protector of the status quo and vote for the capable and honest leadership.

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