Islamabad residents witness alarming rise in crime incidents – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Armed bandits struck at over 26 areas in the capital city during the last week, and stole or snatched cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 10,947,000, and also stole 16 vehicles worth millions of rupees.

According to the data gathered by Business Recorder, motor vehicle thieves stole or snatched 16 vehicles including seven cars and nine motorbikes worth millions of rupees during the same period.

During last week, out of 20 cases, the city’s various police stations registered 12 cases of robberies and burglaries, and eight cases of snatching at gunpoint.

During 12 incidents of burglaries, armed robberies, street crime, and thefts of various kind, cash and valuables worth Rs 5,211,000 were stolen.

Similarly, armed gangs snatched cash and valuables worth Rs 5,736,000 at gunpoint in four localities during the last week.

In the same period, auto thieves stole seven cars bearing registration numbers, RIY-6096 belonging to Muhammad Irfan, RIY-6096 belonging to Muhammad Irfan, YW-433 belonging to Aqrash Sabir, AM-616 belonging to Muhammad, IDG-5713 belonging to AlamZaib, MB-483 belonging to Asma Qasir, and AKT-161 belonging to Mushtaq Ahmed.

Similarly, car thieves lifted nine motor bikes bearing registration numbers, BBCR-093 belonging to Qamar Ameen, LEF-570 belonging to Fakhar Wahid, RIL-274 belonging to Muhammad Usman, RIP-159 belonging to Khawar Mehmood, APF belonging to Ijaz Hussain, BJN-682 belonging to Nisar Ahmed, BBM-921 belonging to Usman Butt, BBP-750 belonging to Zeeshan Ahmed, IDJ-369 belonging to Ijaz Hussain, and RIN-1286 belonging to Muhammad Qasim.

During the last week, criminal gangs were most active in areas falling within the limits of Karachi Company, Tarnol, Sabzi Mandi, and Koral police stations.

Auto thieves stole six vehicles including bikes from the limits of Karachi Company police station during the last week.

In the same period, Tarnol police station registered three cases of auto theft, one case of robbery and two cases of snatching at gunpoint.

Muhammad Akbar lodged a complaint with Tarnol police station that unidentified persons stole various food items worth Rs 70,000 from his shop.

Three armed persons snatched a bike BBM-921 and a mobile phone worth Rs 80,000 of Usman Butt, and unidentified robbers snatched cash Rs 1,000,000 of Tahir Shah.

During the last week, Koral police station registered three cases of robbery and one case of auto theft.

Unidentified persons stole a mobile worth Rs 12,000 belonging to Javeed Malik and during another incident some unidentified persons stole a mobile phone worth Rs 45,000 belonging to Walid Ishaq.

In the same area, three armed persons entered into the house of Muhammad Asif and looted cash, and gold ornament worth Rs 460,000 at gunpoint.

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