PHP Faisalabad detains 354 suspects to safeguard highways

FAISALABAD: Punjab Highway Patrolling is an effective instrument to curb crime on highways. The slogan of Safe Highways- Safe Punjab truly represents the significance of Patrolling police. Prevention of crime is cardinal objective of Punjab highway Patrolling.

The performance report of PHP region Faisalabad shows that total 354 cases were registered under different sections and 354 criminals were arrested. As per detail as many as 3 Rifles 12 Bore, 4 pistols 30 Bore, 2 Pistol 9MM with 34 bullets and 63 cartridges were recovered. Furthermore, total 24-liter liquor was recovered. 2 proclaimed offenders were arrested.

As many as 165 cases were registered against reckless driver’s U/S 279 PPC and 165 violators were apprehended. Moreover, 2 lost children were found and reunited with their relatives. Help rendering were extended to 1566 commuters. As many as 12 temporary encroachments were removed for free flow of traffic. Motorcycle is widely used during robbery/Dacoity, in order to prevent road robbery, total 37 Motorcycles and 5 tractors were impounded U/S 134 PO, 115 MVO and 550 Cr.P.C.

PRO Patrolling Muham-mad Rizwan Bhatti said that hotspots policy is being followed to reduce the crime. The time and place of occurrence of crime is most crucial to identify the crime nature and pattern in that particular area. Moreover, the lists of stolen/snatched vehicles, proclaimed offenders and bad elements of the area are kept in the official vehicles.—PR

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