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Does Weight Gain Affect Fertility – Find Out

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A fine hormonal balance regulates the menstrual cycle. Overweight and obese women have higher levels of a hormone called leptin, which is produced in fatty tissue. This can disrupt the hormone balance and lead to reduced fertility. The quantity and distribution of body fat affect the menstrual cycle through a range of hormonal mechanisms. The more excess weight and the more abdominal fat, the greater the risk of fertility difficulties. Studies show that for women who have overweight or obese, losing weight raised their chances of getting pregnant. Losing weight also helped menstrual cycles return to normal.

In the recent episode of Morning At Home, Nadia Khan invited doctors on her show to talk about weight gain because of Hormonal imbalance and how it affects women’s lives. One of the most important topics that were explained well by Dr. Rubina Tahir was the relationship between weight gain and fertility. She talked about the hindrances that excessive weight can cause in conceiving. Also, she shared the best possible solutions to this problem.

Does Weight Gain Affect Fertility - Find Out

Does Weight Gain Affect Fertility - Find Out

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