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TIFU by accidentally getting a tattoo that was dedicated to sexual raceplay stuff : tifu

So! In a wild turn of events, the most recent tattoo that I got turns out to have a separate meaning than the one I intended. Completely… and totally… different.

The tattoo is a little heart with a Q above it. It is supposed to stand for Queen of Hearts. I got it because I met my boyfriend at a casino (I know, I know) and I am supposed to be the “Queen” of his heart and because we both love playing card games. He is supposed to be getting a King of Hearts tattoo soon. Here it is a little bit after I first got it:

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…unfortunately, the other day I was talking with one of my friends who happens to be of the gay, male, and Asian persuasion – while I am a straight Asian girl. I happily showed him my new tattoo and he immediately remarked on it, “Wow, I didn’t know you were into that stuff girl!”

Confused, obviously, I asked him what in the hell he was talking about…

And it turns out my tattoo was related to apparently pretty popular raceplay involving white men dominating non-white women or men… Apparently it is pretty popular among gay Asian men and Asian swinger couples to show their love for hung white dudes… As he showed me on some of the urban dictionary definitions and pulled up pictures of other asian or ethnic girls with the tattoo… He even showed me the raceplay subreddit which was. Well. Crazy. Go at your own risk.

Sooooooooooo now as an Asian girl… who happens to also have a white boyfriend who also didn’t know anything about any of this as the tattoo was my idea completely… I am super embarrassed by it whenever I go out in public. Luckily it’s in a place that’s kind of easy to hide… but still. Wow. Wow. I’m beyond worried that others may think I’m some kind of deviant… not to judge or anything like that but… yaaaa.

tl;dr: Got a tattoo, turned out to symbolize love for extra large vanilla snow cones, didn’t know about it, am now super embarrassed D:

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