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What’s up with the controversy over Dave chappelle’s latest comedy show? : OutOfTheLoop

Apparently everyone missed the part where he talked about speaking to the future grown up daughter of his trans woman friend, who killed herself after she was bullied by trans activists for defending her friend Dave on Twitter, and telling her daughter that he “knew her father, and that she was an amazing woman” (paraphrasing, but I think I got that right).

People think Dave hates trans people. They don’t actually pay attention, and he did a great job pointing that out in his set. They hear his words, or even worse, read quotes, and apply what they assume is his malicious intent to those words. What he says isn’t about hatred or fear by my estimation and by his testimony. He is making commentary on the social and political state of the western world.

You can respect a person while still calling them on their crap. Beyond that, you can respect a person while telling jokes about them. Part of the joke when a comedian tells an off color joke is that the comedian is a bad person for telling the joke. For example, Dave’s joke about how Daphne must have been a man, because only a man would kill himself in such a gangster ass way as throwing himself off a building, was funny specifically because he’s being a morally terrible person for telling that joke about a trans woman who killed herself.

I think that’s where people who lack an understanding of humor run into a problem with comedy in general. They don’t understand that comedy, like theater, is a place that allows us to explore ideas and concepts that are taboo. It’s a place that we can have a conversation of how and why we can’t criticize the transgender movement, the me too movement, etc. It’s a place where we can make jokes about politically incorrect thoughts we have, and how that stuff can be funny even if we mean absolutely zero ill will to any trans person.

I don’t even agree that every political observation Dave makes is fair. He’s not perfect. But he has observations and opinions, and judging by the audience score on RottenTomatoes, he said some shit that people resonate with.

For those who didn’t watch the special, I just want to say that Dave made it absolutely clear that he respects human beings. Despite his jokes, he goes out of his way to put differences aside in the end and level us all down at our common denominator. Humanity. He makes jokes about whites, blacks, Asians, gays, transgenders, etc, but in the end we’re all human, and we can be united in that, even while criticizing the failings or oddities of particular groups within that set.

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