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Lydia from Yogscast (Squidgame on Twitch) whose online handle has been SquidGame/Squidgaming for years before existence of similarly named Netflix series gets banned from Instagram without proper review due to reports/other forms of harassment from the show’s “fans” : LivestreamFail

I had some deranged crybaby on FB pretend to be me because I dated a girl he had a crush on. I had deactivated my FB account so he created one matching my details (very creepy) and started messaging my friends or doctoring images where “I” started saying very demeaning things or was insinuating things

He then sent the images to my now ex-gf. Well while I can remain calm when being accused of all manner of comments and thoughts I don’t have, it eventually took its toll and it and other reasons lead to our break-up

So congrats, person who I can’t even publicly call out because of rules, you won.

He would deactivate his account as well so nobody could report him as pretending to be me. I ended up emailing support @ fb and gmail asking them to help but LOL I bet nobody actually reads those emails.

If you are being impersonated good luck getting anything accomplished. I’m starting to think you have to find out where the person lives and get him sued civilly in court (because cops won’t do anything) and hopefully get a judgement against him and then use that judgement to ensure he gets punished if he repeats his antics.

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