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Say it loud & proud since it’s no longer a bannable offense! : ToiletPaperUSA

Fuck the CCP but at least they stay in the east. When discussing obscene nations, regimes, governments or the like…the list is awfully long. Even if you don’t include the past and only discuss present day ones. But at least CCP hasn’t invaded our corporate infrastructure and is constantly trying to pass laws that groom for censorship, equating criticism/simple observation with racism.

It’s not whataboutism, it’s not excusing China. I’m just pointing out that there’s a bigger problem (from an American’s POV). Palastine’s oppressors, we(usa) directly fund them. It’s a huge lobbying hub that operates on our money and contains none of our values. As it is an ethnosate, January of this year B’Tselem published a report calling “…Israel an “apartheid regime” devoted to Jewish supremacy and said the nation was no longer a democracy.” South Africa gets a lot of shit for their recent history, and good because it was disgusting and not exactly a haven today, but the USA didnt finance that apartheid state and this is happening right now and only getting worse.

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