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r/Conservative erupts into war over Superman’s son (a recently created character) coming out as bisexual

Context: Jon Kent (created in 2015) is the son of Clark Kent, and is the new Superman of Earth. He recently received his first solo ongoing series (Superman: Son of Kal-El), written by a very popular comic writer (Tom Taylor). Clark Kent will be Superman off-world in another book (Action Comics) with a different writer (Phillip Kennedy Johnson). In an upcoming issue, Jon Kent will come out as bisexual.

r/Conservative reactions:

Full Thread (flaired users only)

  • “I don’t get what the big deal is. It’s a fictional character.”

  • “Because you lefties are trying to portray being homosexual as normal and it most certainly is not.”

  • “They will all be gay eventually. It’s the demented desire of our political elite.”

  • “What propaganda? No one is forcing you to be gay, like who you want.”

  • “when context doesn’t matter”

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