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Three teachers and principal to be fired because of “most annoying boy” trophy awarded to autistic child : JusticeServed

God, some of these comments are fucking horrendous. None of you have ever empathized with a person who grew up on the autism spectrum and it shows. This isn’t to be taken lightly, and its not a fucking joke. This is another casual instance of discrimination/belittlement of someone with autism in society and it really fucking shows that not even half of the people here take it seriously.

It doesn’t matter how “annoying” the child “actually” was- They miss social cues and are supposed to be helped and assisted in learning those cues, but neurotypicals should also get the fuck over themselves and their weird obsession with constant eye contact and inability to deal with nonnoisy stimming. This little boy could have walked away genuinely hurt with a warped sense of self and other students/teachers and educators down the line could have just assumed that just because he’s pegged as “annoying”, EVEN if it was a supposedly playful superlative, that shit is fucking harmful and can lead to a detrimental path of him being typecast and penalized/treated like a goddamn alien for living in his own skin. I hope none of you fucks ever come into contact with an actual child with autism.

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